7. The Solution

Social Media to the Rescue

Now that we have the Immunity Meal Plan, how do we prove that it can stop the virus? Because it consists of whole foods, we can not afford an expensive, large, randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial to receive FDA approval for it to be claimed as an effective antiviral treatment. The answer lies in social media and the type of clinical study we use.

The clinical study type we will be using is called an observational clinical study, where large numbers of people report the result of the effectiveness of treatment. This type of clinical study is not as strong as the randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial that the FDA requires to claim effectiveness. However, based on statistics, if large enough numbers of people participate in the observational clinical study, valuable insight about the effectiveness of the treatment could be seen. A successful observational clinical could claim that using the Immunity Meal Plan is associated with a reduction in COVID-19 symptoms. Due to the safety profile, health benefits, and low cost of the meal plan, most people would accept association as enough evidence for them to use the meal plan for prevention or treatment. Importantly, doctors and other healthcare professionals would recommend it as a treatment to their COVID-19 patients. Before the Internet and social media, enrolling such large numbers of participants to claim association was impossible due to recruiting cost. But today, with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and other social networks, these large participation numbers are now achievable.

I have developed a way to test the Immunity Meal Plans' effectiveness against the coronavirus. Results of effectiveness reporting can be seen daily, allowing people to judge for themselves if the meal plan is effective and to decide if it is a viable prevention or treatment option.

Huge Upside, Almost No Downside

We need to see if the Immunity Meal Plan is effective in preventing and treating COVID-19 infections. We know that the virus primarily targets lung tissue, and the immune system kicks into overdrive, sending white blood cells to the lungs to fight the virus. These white blood cells release free radicals, a corrosive and toxic substance serving as one of its primary weapons to destroy foreign invaders or clear out dead or infected tissue. These cells also release chemical messengers to call other white blood cells to join the fight. Some of these messengers increase blood flow and fluid to the infected lungs. White blood cells gather at the site of infection to create pus. The infected area is now inflamed and swollen. Inflammation of the air sacs causes them to fill up with fluid and pus, causing shortness of breath. If this flooding of the lungs becomes too severe, you get pneumonia. Because oxygen can not pass from the lungs into your bloodstream, a ventilator is needed to keep you breathing. As the infection progresses, more white blood cells gather, and more free radicals are released, destroying more surrounding healthy cells and increasing the size of the infected area forming larger lesions in the lungs. These lesions may cause scarring and may cause long-term damage to the lungs. Besides the lungs, we are now discovering that the virus also causes inflammation and damage to other organs, like the heart, brain, kidney, and skin.

What we do not know is if the Immunity Meal Plan can:

  1. Prevent the virus from infecting cells and replicating.
  2. Control the overactive immune response to limit lung damage.

We know for certain nutrient deficiencies weaken the immune system. We have adequate scientific evidence about the anti-inflammatory effects of whole foods. However, the evidence of whole foods' antiviral effects is still limited. Even if the Immunity Meal Plan has no antiviral effects, but could provide necessary nutrition to strengthen the immune system and limit the damage done by an overactive immune response, it will still help fight the virus. The meal plan will buy the immune system time to build antibodies against the virus. A nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory meal plan alone could prevent infected people from experiencing severe shortness of breath and needing hospitalization or ventilators. A meal plan that is also an antiviral will be a medical breakthrough. If we can show some evidence of these benefits from our clinical study, the Immunity Meal Plan will be a powerful and widely available weapon that can be used immediately to turn the tide in the war against the virus. Instead of waiting for a treatment or vaccine and acting defensively, we can take the fight to the enemy now.

How You Can Help

Just as the Immunity Meal Plan requires many foods to work together to defeat the virus, we now urgently need people with different experiences, knowledge, wisdom, connections, talents, and skills to come together to help defeat the virus. We need people who do not want to be infected, are at high risk of being infected, or are already infected to test the effectiveness of the Immunity Meal Plan. Ideal candidates for the clinical study will be those who have daily access to the foods in the plan and are on the frontlines like grocery store employees, on-demand shoppers, and healthcare workers. Also ideal are people who are older, and those have underlying conditions making them high-risk for severe infections. We also need healthcare professionals, scientists, and biohackers who understand science to check the theories behind the Immunity Meal Plan and perfect the plan itself. Finally, we need everyone to spread the word on social media so we could find these people. Would you join me in this fight?


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