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EFFECTIVE™ Certification Program

Our EFFECTIVE™ Certification Program is designed to ensure strict quality control over the types and amounts of ingredients used in foods and drinks we promote. The criteria and standards we use increase consumer confidence that the foods and drinks will improve health. The certification process is as follows:

  1. A disease is chosen.
  2. Nutritional criteria and standards are established.
  3. A food and drink list is created and inspected to determine whether the foods and drinks conform to criteria and standards.
  4. A meal plan is created from the food and drink list.
  5. The meal plan, foods, and drinks are tested and reviewed by our online community.
  6. The meal plan, foods, and drinks are certified if criteria and standards are met.
  7. The certified meal plan, foods, and drinks are promoted on our website and directories.

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IMMUNITY™ Certification

This certification addresses the coronavirus pandemic. Using the guildlines in the Whole Foods Immunity Theory plus selected foods and drinks in the IMMUNITY™ Meal Plan and from the list of Antiviral Foods and Drinks, your business can create immune boosting foods to improve the health of your customers and increase sales. If you wish to be certified, we kindly ask you to let us know about your product so we can verify if it meets our criteria and standards. If it does, we will provide an IMMUNITY™ certification and mark for your product and promote it on our IMMUNITY™ Restaurant and Product Directories.

Immunity Certification Mark

Social Media Marketing for IMMUNITY™ Foods and Drinks

Below are just a few example of possible IMMUNITY™ food and drink products. Please feel free to use the products and social media hashtags below to promote your products.

IMMUNITY™ ProductsSocial Media Hashtag
IMMUNITY™ Foods#immunityfoods
IMMUNITY™ Diet#immunitydiet
IMMUNITY™ Restaurant#immunityrestaurant
IMMUNITY™ Takeout#immunitytakeout
IMMUNITY™ Meal#immunitymeal
IMMUNITY™ Meal Kit#immunitymealkit
IMMUNITY™ Recipe#immunityrecipe
IMMUNITY™ Hack#immunityhack
IMMUNITY™ Combo#immunitycombo
IMMUNITY™ Breakfast#immunitybreakfast
IMMUNITY™ Brunch#immunitybrunch
IMMUNITY™ Lunch#immunitylunch
IMMUNITY™ Dinner#immunitydinner
IMMUNITY™ Snack#immunitysnack
IMMUNITY™ Salad#immunitysalad
IMMUNITY™ Pizza#immunitypizza
IMMUNITY™ Wrap#immunitywrap
IMMUNITY™ Sandwich#immunitysandwhich
IMMUNITY™ Sub#immunitysub
IMMUNITY™ Burger#immunityburger
IMMUNITY™ Burrito#immunityburrito
IMMUNITY™ Nacho#immunitynacho
IMMUNITY™ Gyro#immunitygyro
IMMUNITY™ Shawarma#immunityshawarma
IMMUNITY™ Bowl#immunitybowl
IMMUNITY™ Plate#immunityplate
IMMUNITY™ Dog#immunitydog
IMMUNITY™ Stir-Fry#immunitystirfry
IMMUNITY™ Casserole#immunitycasserole
IMMUNITY™ Soup#immunitysoup
IMMUNITY™ Spice#immunityspice
IMMUNITY™ Rub#immunityrub
IMMUNITY™ Seasoning#immunityseasoning
IMMUNITY™ Salad Dressing#immunitysaladdressing
IMMUNITY™ Dessert#immunitydessert
IMMUNITY™ Pastry#immunitypastry
IMMUNITY™ Cake#immunitycake
IMMUNITY™ Chews#immunitychews
IMMUNITY™ Bar#immunitybar
IMMUNITY™ Chocolate#immunitychocolate
IMMUNITY™ Drinks#immunitydrinks
IMMUNITY™ Water#immunitywater
IMMUNITY™ Smoothie#immunitysmoothie
IMMUNITY™ Slushie#immunityslushie
IMMUNITY™ Juice#immunityjuice
IMMUNITY™ Shot#immunityshot
IMMUNITY™ Tea#immunitytea
IMMUNITY™ Coffee#immunitycoffee

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